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Message from the CEO and Founder

Mathias Mangels
CEO and Founder

We have had globally a tough year behind us! Economies have been going down for twelve month and lately a better picture has arrived with however still much fluctuation.

In some parts of the world the situation is still much depressed. Some European countries have had a decrease in industrial production of more than 10% with a slow tendency of recovery.

Changes often present opportunities and with the development of the global economy, expected for the next 12 months, some of the industrial structures and services will change and offer new markets and development opportunities..

Organizations have a big chance to capture these opportunities in the private and public sector. A positive and entrepreneurial attitude of organizations facing these opportunities will give them a leading position in the market place. Transforming the organization for capturing it will be critical.

Tantum Group has been supporting organizations in Europe and the Americas for more than two decades. Tantum Group has helped in analyzing and evaluating the businesses in order to transform and help organizations to evolve presenting excellent results in a sustainable way.

Tantum Group has researched and analyzed international best practices in strategy finding and execution. The challenges have been growing though. Tantum Group has developed its service offerings to match these challenges and to help its client to succeed in the competitive environment..

Tantum Group worked during the last years with its clients in developing a customized strategy management process. It has developed with its clients the best suited process and tools to support the best strategy development and its successful implementation. Result harvesting through strategic initiative management has been a central part of these developments.

Tantum Group has through its partnership with clients an enormous evidence that analytical strategy development has been a key success factor for a competitive strategy development. It has however learned that strategy execution is the value driver for success. In order to reach final output, Tantum Group has been advising, educating and coaching management teams on strategy monitoring and management. Tantum Group presents this as the Strategy Check and Act procedure.

Tantum Group has been continuously researching best practices out of its practical experiences in professional services. This has been complemented through joined activities with global though leaders and institutes. One should mention the Centre of Organizational Development from the Frauenhofer Institute in Germany, the joined activities with Professors Kaplan and Norton in the field of strategy management and with Professor Venkat Ramaswamy in the area of Experience Co Creation. Several industry specific joined research and offerings have been also developed. One that recently was incorporated is the area of emerging digital strategies center of expertise, developed with 5CCG, Basel, Switzerland.

Tantum Group is a global professional service organization with a value proposition, STRATEGY AND RESULTS. Tantum Group is present in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. We are ready to help you on your challenges! We thank you for the continuous working together!

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