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Customized Education Programs

Tantum Group offers public and in house education programs. These programs are mend to help executives and specialist with the goal of being continuously updated on strategy management best practices and innovative new tools and methods. One of the most important goals of our organization is to continuously offer to our clients the chance to update themselves on strategy management best practices.

With this goal in mind Tantum Group offers continuously public and in house education programs that present the overall strategy management competency build out as well as focused programs on strategy management tools and processes. Tantum Group also offers a Strategy Management Certification Program.


Four education modules of 2 days support the complete competency build out on the strategy management process. This program is the basis for the Strategy Management Certification Program.

IN-HOUSE SEMINARS These seminars are prepared and developed by our professional education team in accordance with customers needs in the field of strategy management.  
  • To develop the interest and general knowledge on the strategy management best practices.
  • To specialize or deep dive into a specific practice that is of interest of the organization.
  • To present and discuss new and emerging best practices that are of interest of the organization.
  • Preparar al Equipo Directivo para liderar esfuerzos de gestión de la estrategia
  • To prepare the management team to lead the effort of strategy management.

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