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With our team of specialists we support an organizations on its development through strategy focus and better alignment to reach sustainable results

The services offered by Tantum Group follow a few fundamentals:

• Focus in turning strategy into action;
• Facilitation of participative processes that lead to an effective change;               
• Consistent methodology and know-how application in different corporate contexts, organizations and/or social economic environments;
• Know-how transfer, teaching and learning during practical applications;
• Respect the client's rhythm and capacity to absorb strategic changes;
• Mobilize and fortify the diverse teams (shareholders, executives or employees) as a transformation nucleus;
• Strive for sustainability, balancing short-term and long-term actions and measures.

Our methodologies are structured as follows:

Strategy-Focused Organization Evaluation
Consists in evaluating how much an organization is focused on strategy, considering the perception and understanding of its collaborators. An initial evaluation is performed to delineate the main conditions required for an effective strategy implementation.

Constructing a Future Shared Vision

Through the use of methodologies such as Future Search, a shared future vision is constructed, considering the best knowledge of all the stakeholders in the organization. By an intense effort to align all these stakeholders, a future significant shared vision is constructed from a common basis.  
Formulating innovative strategies: Experience Co-Creation
A new strategy paradigm is emerging: Experience Co-Creation. According to this new paradigm, the major competencies are no longer present in the organization's value chain, but rather in the interactions with its clients,  and stakeholders.
Utilizing leading edge techniques that require the active participation of all the players in an industry's value chain and based on the interactions among these players, innovative strategies are defined for the organization.

Translating the strategy

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a tool that enables an organization to translate its future vision into correlated strategic objectives, distributed through business perspectives. By linking these strategic objectives to measures and targets, the alignment between the action plan and the strategy's organization is guaranteed through a continuous monitoring and review process.
More than translating the strategy, the challenge facing the organizations constitutes transforming the strategic planning activities into a continual process, utilizing the Balanced Scorecard as a central ingredient to compose a unique and harmonious management model that aligns all management tools.
Implementing the strategy communication process
To effectively implement a strategy, it is essential to elaborate a communication plan, considering the organization's context and the distinct nature of its stakeholders, incorporating continuously the strategic message throughout the company.

Structuring processes and competencies to manage strategy

Implementing a permanent and systematic monitoring process and strategy creation and learning through strategy analysis meetings. Developing organizational structures and competencies to implement and execute strategy (The Strategy Management Unit).
Aligning and cascading the strategy
Aligning strategy throughout the entire organization by cascading the strategy adequately and specifically for the organization's context and needs. Examples include cascading the strategy through the construction of strategy maps for the business units, support units and/or by aligning with objectives related to teams, individuals, shareholders and other stakeholders.
 Linking operational processes to strategy
Consists of linking strategy to the operating processes, structuring, and remodeling them to guarantee the delivery of the value proposition benefits through perfect alignment and execution from strategy to operation.
Aligning the competencies and incentives system to strategy

By cascading the strategy to the team and individual level, the alignment between the performance evaluation and incentives programs with the strategic objectives and measures is guaranteed, providing a unique message for the effective achievement of the organization's future vision.
Implementing a new management model with a focus on the strategy
Aligning and perfecting different management system models such as the budget, operating plans, quality plans, human resource planning and information technology planning to strategy.

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