Tantum starts its operations  in Brazil in the late 80’s as a consulting firm specialized in business process optimizations – BPR . In the mid-90 it extends to Argentina; and at the end of the decade, to Chile. By 1996 Tantum Group starts its  area of strategy with the intent to optimize process improvements with strong strategic  alignment. During exactly this period time  Drs. David Norton and Robert Kaplan had  developed the Balanced Scorecard as a strategy management tool. The partnership with both thought leaders develops with very successful incorporation of a strategy management process in various private and public organizations  in Brazil and Mexico. Till the end of this  decade Tantum Group offices had emerged in Colombia, Ecuador, Central America, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

From  2000s, thanks to the extensive experience of Tantum consultants in different types of organizations (SMEs, large companies, public companies, private companies, NGOs, etc.), Tantum Group decides to incorporate new concepts of  strategy formulation in order to help its clients to  develop innovative strategies. Thus, in the middle of this decade and thanks to the close collaboration and endorsement of management gurus as Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, Tantum incorporates the Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) tools; and with the support  of Francis Gouillart and Venkat Ramaswamy, incorporates the Experience Co-Creation (ECC) methods.

In   2008, Tantum Group extends to the Middle East, establishing  offices in Dubai and Riyadh. Also in this decade, in partnership with management thought leaders among which Dr. Robert Kaplan, Tantum establishes  the Strategy Management Collaborative – SMC , a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancements in  strategy formulation and strategy management and its best practices.

Currently, Tanum Group  operates as a global consulting firm, that helps its clients in formulating and Implementing innovative strategies. Tantum Group has enabled  exceptional results to its customers through the implementation of  tailored solutions supported by a proven  management system.

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