To develop executable strategies, Tantum combines long experience with complex analysis and proven methodologies. We seek the co-creation of the strategy with the client, providing clear decisions and validated by the organization. All this ensures alignment and commitment of people, which are key success factors.
  • Future Scenarios
  • Shared Vision & Strategic Value  Drivers
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Transformational Strategies, Growth Strategies, Innovation Strategies and Operational Excellence Strategies.
  • New Product, Service, Channel, Platforms and Business Model Design.


In some cases, decisions and strategic objectives get confined to senior management and are not known by employees, hindering the realization of what was planned. Tantum acts helping organizations to implement the strategies defined, in a  structured way, sustainable and with professional guidance.
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Strategy Governance
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Project Execution


How to link strategy with operations through the portfolio of Strategic Initiatives and Stratex (Strategic Expenditure) to condition the operational improvements to the strategic needs.
  • Higher  Operational Performance Level
  • Incubation and Acceleration of Innovation Projects
  • Planning and Management of Strategic Projects
  • Culture Transformation and Change Management

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