Our value proposition

In tantum we took over 20 years supporting our customers in planning and implementing innovative strategies, ensuring exceptional results obtained by implementing unique solutions co-created with our clients, leveraged in Methods and Experiences.

Unique solution

Our joint work with experts like Robert Kaplan and David Norton (creators of the Balanced Scorecard, which its latest evolution  is The Execution Premium model); Venkat Ramaswamy and Francis Gouillart (Experience Co-Creation); Renée Mauborgne (Blue Ocean Strategy) and a network of global specialists, provides our customers with proven and innovative solutions to ensure obtaining better results than their competitors.

How we offer it

Our consultants lead to reality the methodologies developed by the tantum Group experts network, adapting to the each customer’s characteristics.

This specificity, to which is added a strong proximity and knowledge transfer, makes tantum Group Consultant team, more than traditional consultants: they are true strategic partners, working closely with its clients to achieve the expected success.

Some success stories below


Arasco – Saudi Arabian

ARASCO Feed, a division of Saudi Arabian agricultural giant ARASCO, led the company’s implementation of the Balanced Scorecard as the first business division to adopt the framework four years ago.  Since then, their return on capital employed has grown by nearly 300%, the number of markets served has multiplied seven fold, on-time delivery has grown by one third, and staff turnover has dropped by 25%.  ARASCO Feed is leading the way toward a more secure and sustainable future for the region.


Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant – Mexico

Mexico’s Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant implemented the Balanced Scorecard in 2008, enabling alignment of operational measures and strategic objectives. Immediate benefits included a reduction in “wasted” time spent in meetings, better prioritization of and follow-up on issues, and improved performance and root cause analysis. Since 2008 the unit cost of production has declined by 34%, EBITDA has more than doubled, customer contracts have grown by over 30%, reliability and safety have increased, and training and quality of work life have improved for the work force.

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