CGE 2What is the Strategy Management Community?

The Strategy Management Community is a best practices group, in which managers and executives from various organizations (profit or nonprofit, private, public, etc.) meet to update/deepen their knowledge and share experiences in order to identify best practices in strategic management and implement them in their organizations, adapted to its context for superior results. Currently there are several Strategy Management Communitues in different countries, working with the leadership and coordination of tantum regional offices. The focus of the community issues are those related to the Strategy Management as well as other soft skills that should have the Strategy Management Officer (SMO). Some of the topics covered are: Strategic Compensation, Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS); Experience Co-Creation (ECC); Strategic Projects Management; The Office of Strategic Management; Leadership and Motivation; Linking Strategy with Budget; Performance Model; Strategic Risks Management; Roles and Responsibilities of strategy management officer; Personal and Organizational Effectiveness; Organizational Alignment; Change management; Lateral Thinking; among others.


  • Help companies to achieve the expected results through the benefits of an outstanding strategic execution.
  • Spread among its members the Best Practices in Strategy Management of the leading organizations.
  • To obtain, refin and adapt the contents of the top experts in Strategy and Innovation, to the context of the participating organizations.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in the strategy management of each participating organizations.
  • Providing a space for interaction between executives of various organizations that face the same management challenges.

Who can participate?

Can participate managers and executives directly related to the strategy management of their organizations, business units or areas whether in SMEs and large companies, public or private; profit or nonprofit organizations , NGOs, chambers of business and all organizations that want to improve their results in a sustainable way through effective strategy management (formulation, implementation, monitoring and setting).

Join the Strategy Management Community and you will…

  • …Enhance the skills required for successful implementation of the strategy.
  • …Know Strategy Management practices from other organizations.
  • …Update continuously on specific topics of Strategy Management of interest and relevance to the participants.
  • …Extend your personal network.
  • …Understand different points of view, objective and impartial, from other professionals who face the same problems.

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