Herberth Paul Stackmann

Managing Partner

Central America

For 21 years Herberth Stackmann has served as Consultant and Regional Executive Director with the strategic value creation (innovation, capture, optimization and extraction) to increase profitability and the return on equity orientation, creating value for the organization, its customers, shareholders and the community.

As a Consultant, Herberth has specialized in consultancy in corporate strategy, strategic implementation and innovation development; he has served as a consultant in these areas to business groups, among which can be listed Altos Hornos from Mexico, Magna Cosma International, Frito-Lay, Astra Zeneca, American Express, Bosch Latin America, Bimbo Mexico Group, Black & Decker and bottlers of Coca Cola, among others.

As CEO, Herberth led business for 18 years, developing and implementing aimed value creation strategies in industries of consumer products, telecommunications and household / industrial products, occupying direction positions in multinational corporations and regional business.

His experiences in consulting and direction have allowed him to develop strong skills in:

– Development and innovation of products and services, with emphasis on the needs of consumers and their environment markets.

– Design and optimization of supply chains and distribution, with emphasis on operational efficiency.

– Organizational development, with emphasis on strategic alignment, effective processes and the development of human talent.

– Strategy development and implementation based on strategic value creation through innovation, capture, optimization and value extraction.

Herberth has a Industrial Engineering degree from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala, with Masters and Doctorate in Management from Industrial Engineering University of Louisville, KY, USA. Additionally, he has a Diploma in Innovation and Corporate Strategy, MIT Sloan Executive Education, MA, USA.

His speciation areas include strategic development for value creation, systems simulation and optimization, organizational development, leadership and organizational change management.

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